Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Your dream home should be designed the way you want it. Because you know what? You have given your heart and sweat to buy it.

A balcony full of plants that you always wished for, that center table that you bought from an antic shop, the stylish wall painting, that little lamp on the bedroom corner, and everything else that made your home the perfect one.

The most tricky among them would be to design your living room because that’s the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit you.

So, let’s make things easier for you and give you some interesting ideas to design your living room.


1. A Colorful Room

Decorate and furnish your room with lovely colors that would include some red, pink, blue. You can keep the walls white while you add vibrant colors around the room.

2. A Minimalist Living Room

Go with a modern yet minimalist living room that throws focus on each and every object that you have placed in your room. A simple colour scheme, minimal furnishing that compliments each other making your living room spacious and welcoming.

3. Patten and Texture

Beautiful and stylish wallpapers with modern textures and patterns will give your room the contemporary look that you wanted. What will be of visual interest are some contrasting textures like table lamps or a coffee table.

4. Black and White Living Room

A monochromatic look will always add a little bit of drama to your living room. Metallic accents are always modern and also add a sense of luxury.

5. A Bright and Airy Living Room

Bright and airy are synonyms of a modern living room. Large wall prints, neutral-toned rooms, colourful cushions, big windows add more life to your living room.