Unique Pooja Room Door Designs to give you a Better Spiritual Experience

Pooja room- The most sacred place in every Indian household.

A place of pure spirituality and solitude. A room that needs to be kept clean and decorated. To ensure that your time in your Pooja room is peaceful and private, here are some door design ideas that will help you with the same and also add to the design element.


1. Wooden Doors

Wooden doors give a very traditional approach to your Pooja room. More than half of Indian homes use wooden doors as it defines class and at the same time since it is wood there are very few chances to go wrong in incorporating it in your home.

2. Etched Glass Doors

An etched glass door is a contemporary design style that gives a proper view of the room without any kind of destruction. Regular flow of light ensures that the space is not tightened up despite a door. Also, the patterns on the door make the design even more appealing.

3. Jaali Doors

One of the most traditional-looking doors of all time, Jaali designs are nothing but an ornamental screening that displays a neat pattern. Though jaali designs have been in the picture from the olden days, they can still be upgraded with modern patterns, colors and finishes.

4. Double Hinged Doors

This is ideal for bigger Pooja rooms and adds a lot of dimension compared to single doors. Adding various patterns to these doors makes them look more stylish.

5. Bifold Doors

Bi-fold doors are for homeowners who have less space or are restricted to designs. Simple and easy to access doors and can be customized easily when it comes to colour, design, or materials. Ideal doors if you want temporary privacy for your Pooja room.

A perfect door design is all you need to give your Pooja room the perfect look that you always wanted.