What is an OC or Occupancy Certificate?

I am sure a lot of you have read or seen ads on residential projects that read ‘OC Received’. OC or Occupancy Certificate is an important document that needs to be obtained while buying a new property.

If a project is OC Receives, it means that a particular project is ready for occupation and has been constructed according to the approved plan and also abides by the local law.

Importance of Occupancy Certificate.


An Occupancy Certificate is an important document issued by a local planning authority or a government agency once the construction of a new project is completed. The certificate is proof that the project that is built adheres to the relevant rules and regulations, and abides by the building codes that are applicable. It is the builder’s responsibility to get the occupancy certificate after the completion of the project.

This certificate is required while applying for electricity, sanitation or water connections.

If a property doesn’t have an occupancy certificate, the local municipal body has the complete rights to take legal action because not having an occupancy certificate means that the project is an unauthorized structure.

  1. The project owners have to visit the nearest municipality office or local corporation.
  2. Collect the form from the concerned person and fill it accordingly.
  3. Submit the form with all the necessary documents.

If all the documents are proper, the certificate will be issued within 30 days from the date of submission.

Documents Required

  • 1. A copy of the building plan that is sanctioned
  • 2. A NOC from the Fire Department or the Pollution Board
  • 3. A copy of the Commencement Certificate
  • 4. Computations signed by the commissioned architect
  • 5. Current Tax Receipt
  • 6. Photos of the project

A quick look into the differences between Occupancy Certificate, Completion Certificate and Possession Certificate.

Occupancy Certificate
Completion Certificate
Possession Certificate
This certificate is issued by the concerned authorities, stating that the project follows all building bye-laws and construction norms.
This certificate is issued to a housing project, after ensuring that it has all the requirements in place and is ready to occupy.
This certificate is issued by the developer stating the change in ownership.
This certificate is applied by the builders for power, electricity, water supply after getting the OC.
Possession is offered only once the CC is issued.
This certificate is issued within 30 days if the building is in compliance with the accepted plans.


These three certificates are very important for the builders as well as the homebuyers before they move into their dream homes. If the developer refuses to give an OC, or he hasn’t acquired one even after the project has been completed, you can take legal action against the developer.