Gopalan Enterprises: Acting as a good corporate citizen

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is vital for any business to grow and prosper. It is the moral duty of any organization to behave ethically and contribute towards economic development. CSR policies are aimed towards improving the quality of life of a firm's workforce. Gopalan Enterprises has always acted as a good citizen and has undertaken numerous CSR initiatives. We believe that a business can thrive in a healthy environment and society andhave initiated many projects that benefit the society at large.

Labor of Love

Though there has been a great improvement in construction technology, it was painful for us to see the condition of our workers working at construction sites. There is darkness in the lives of these people who are responsible for constructing glitzy buildings. Mostly, they live in slums and are devoid of the necessities of life. As a part of our corporate responsibility, we endeavor to improve living conditions of our workers through efficient and effective space management at construction sites.

We are also providing free education to the children of our workforce and the success of our initiative has prompted us to establish several schools and colleges in Bangalore to cater to the educational needs of children. Gopalan Foundation has adopted around 5000 impoverished children in and around Bangalore. These children are provided free education and we are confident that our contribution will ensure a bright future of these children.

We encourage students of the Gopalan International School to visit orphanages and distribute food, clothes, books, etc. We are committed to the Government's RTE policy and provide equal opportunity to students from the weaker section of the society in our International school. In the current financial year, we are initiating a donation program where all our employees will donate usable clothes and other household items for worker deployed at our construction sites.

Despite several challenges, we are marching ahead with our initiatives. We need to find credible NGOs to our CSR programs. At the same time, we have found it difficult to secure the participation of a girl child in education programs due to lack of awareness and indifference to girl education. Our expertise is tested while executing standard uniform facilities and guidelines at construction sites.

Green Responsibility

With heightened consumer awareness regarding environment, Gopalan Enterprises has taken steps in supporting green initiatives. We have planted more than 5000 trees in and around Bangalore City road median through BBMP. Our ongoing residential project Gopalan Olympia promotes green living.

Promoting organic farming

With increased consumer demand for organic farming, a number of farmers are engaged with us exploring organic opportunities. Some NGOs are also helping farmers in their efforts. Organic farming increases business prospects for all the sectors of the food supply chain.

As one of the leading real estate developers in Bangalore, we aim to provide high-class living spaces for our residents. However, in the process, we do not lose sight of the needs of our major asset — our workforce — who help turn the dreams our customer into reality.