How different colors of the interior design can affect your moods

colors of the interior design

It is surprising to know how much the color and interior designs of your house can affect your mood. A cluttered desk can have a negative impact on your mind whereas some fresh flowers can lift you and make you all happy and lively.

The colors that you choose for your house are the reflections of your personality. Needless to say that colors can affect you in many ways depending on your background, gender, age, and climate. It is very important that you choose your house colors wisely as the colors you choose can have an active, passive or neutral effect on your mood.

Let’s dig in a bit more about room colors and how they affect your mood.

1. Red Color

The color of love or the color of danger, red can indeed have a great impact on your mood. This color raises the level of energy of a room. The symbol of fire, passion, and strength, the color red also has some drawbacks as it increases blood pressure and heart rate. The advice here would be to not use this color for soothing rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms, instead, you can use this color in your living room or entrance to boost the mood.

2. Yellow Color

According to the psychology of colors in interior designing, yellow is considered to be the color of prosperity, wisdom, sympathy, and warmth. This is another color that pops up when it comes to interior designing. A bold color that will lift your spirits and help you smile even on a bad day. Just don’t go too over the top with this color as it can be over stimulating.

3. Blue Color

Blue is considered to be the perfect color for bedrooms as it creates a sense of peace and serenity and can be very soothing to the eyes. This color is also said to slow respiration and heart rate and bring down blood pressure. But too much of blue can again be depressing. So use it wisely.

4. Orange Color

This color is considered to be fun and energetic and can be ideal for a dining room, kid’s room, and living room. This color is a symbol of hospitality and courage. It may not be as vibrant as red, but you can go for this color if you want to boost your mood and feel more alert.

5. Green Color

The color that is the most soothing to the eye and it suits almost every room of the house. Green increases warmth and togetherness. It is a color that helps in cooling down things and can be advised to use as the main color for interior decoration.

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