Tips to give your bathroom a lavish and stylish look

There is a new found love that home owners are having towards making their bathrooms look stunning with the best of the tiles, designs and fittings.

While choosing the right bathroom wall can protect the walls from moisture and leakage, choosing the right tiles can prevent slipping or any other accidents.

These are moreover the best ways to make your bathroom look stylish, modern as well as neat without spending much.


Some tiles options for you to choose

  1. Ceramic Tiles: Affordable as well as easy to maintain tiles that can be used for walls as well as floors.
  2. Marble: These come with a wide range of colors for you to choose depending on your bathroom requirement. A proper maintenance of the marble is required for longevity.
  3. Vinyl Tiles: Inexpensive with a high degree of practicality. It suits every bathroom and is safer, comfortable and durable.
  4. Glossy Tiles: For small bathrooms glossy tiles are the best choice. Easy to maintain and gives a brighter look to the bathroom.
  5. Matte Tiles: Non-glossy and non-shiny tiles made of wood, stone or cement to give your bathroom a classy and royal look.

Choosing the right color combination- Here are the trendy ones

  1. A black and white color combination tiles to give your bathroom a bold and classy look.
  2. A complete white option but with a lot of maintenance and cleaning
  3. A combination of mint green, white and matte tiles for a soothing look.
  4. A classy beige color with subtle lights keeping it simple yet appealing.

A bathroom is a place to relax, think and enjoy some lone time.

Give your bathroom the design that you always wanted to. Your dream bathroom starts here.