A Home and a House- same same but different

Home and house, terms we use assuming that they mean the same. Though they may sound similar, the context that we use them in is very different.

A house is often referred to as a building, whereas a home is a place where you live with your family.

“Home is not just a place, it is a feeling”


A home is filled with love, affection, care, and bonding, a place where memories are built. A home is more of an emotion, a sense of belonging.

A house is nothing but a structure or a physical building, a home is somewhere you feel comfortable, somewhere you feel safe, somewhere you feel happy.

Make a house, a home!

Fill it with thoughts, values, and memories. Fill it with things that are important to you, give it the breathing space that it needs. When you add feelings to your house, it becomes a home.

In what other ways can you make a house a home?

Add things that interest you, things that you like. If you like paintings, fill the walls with beautiful paintings. If you like flowers, make sure to decorate your living room with flowers.

A home is a place where you want people to be happy, have privacy. A place where kids can play and run around happily.

“Home sweet home”- this clearly means that a home is much more to a person than just a house.

A home adds emotions and feelings to a house built of bricks and cement.

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