Real Estate Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
Gopalan Enterprises 06 Dec. 2019

4 Real Estate Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in 2020

The year 2019 was a year full of potentials for the real estate market where the industry saw substantial growth mostly due to a decrease in supply and low rates of mortgage.

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Impact of AI on the Real Estate Market
Gopalan Enterprises 02 Dec. 2019

Impact of AI on the Real Estate Market in the Coming Years?

Artificial Intelligence is slowly making its mark to the mainstream and is here to spare no one, not even the real estate sector. Reports say that AI is surely going to be the next big thing and will...

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Bengalore's Real Estate Industry trends in 2020
Gopalan Enterprises 23 Nov. 2019

5 Key Trends in Bengalore's Real Estate Industry for FY 2020

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India has been one of the fastest-growing cities in India leaving behind Delhi and Mumbai. The IT hub with a population of 8.5 million is turning out to be the focal point for the Indian economy.

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real estate in Karnataka
Gopalan Enterprises 12 Nov. 2019

Karnataka’s Real Estate Sector to See a Boom by 2020

The real estate sector is considered to have one of the largest contributions to the job industry in India. This sector includes retail, housing, hospitality as well as commercial as the sub-sectors...

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flats in Bangalore
Gopalan Enterprises 08 Nov. 2019

Why buyers prefer homes in areas with good employment prospects

There are many professionals, especially the young generation who are seeking to buy homes in localities that have the maximum job opportunities. These are the areas that have seen a rise in...

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apartments in Bangalore
Gopalan Enterprises 24 Oct. 2019

Festive season - the right time to invest in property

The Indian festive season is considered to be the most awaited as well as the auspicious season for property and homebuyers to make some big investments. Here are some reasons as to why...

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apartments in Bangalore
Gopalan Enterprises 18 Oct. 2019

How different colors of the interior design can affect your mood

It is surprising to know how much the color and interior designs of your house can affect your mood. A cluttered desk can have a negative impact on your mind whereas some fresh flowers can...

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apartments in Bangalore
Gopalan Enterprises 14 Oct. 2019

5 Reasons Why People are Buying Luxury Homes

Reality- No matter what the economic condition is, there are people who are not just searching for homes but are also looking to buy homes that have the essence of luxury. There is a constant increase...

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apartments in Bangalore
Gopalan Enterprises 04 Oct. 2019

Whitefield vs Electronic City: Which area should you choose to buy a flat?

Whitefield and Electronic City, two of the most happening areas of Bangalore. Most of the IT professionals are seen working either in Electronic City or in Whitefield...

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apartments in Bangalore
Gopalan Enterprises 01 Oct. 2019

Why Buy a Property in Mysore Road

Giving a strong competition to Bangalore, Mysore Road is gaining a lot of popularity because of the investments from large companies that have been acting as a catalyst for the growth and development...

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