Job Title: Chief Engineer (Civil) Residential / Commercial

Educational Qualification: BE / B Tech Civil, M Tech

Experience: 20+ Years in residential and commercial projects

As per industry standards

Primary responsibilities:

  • Works with the design team to develop safe, efficient, and effective projects that will fall within the budget.
  • Evaluates all costs associated with each project including materials, costs of labor, and time expended.
  • Negotiates contracts with vendors and clients to ensure the most cost effective means of reaching the customer’s needs.
  • Approves plans and budgets for each project and makes any adjustments needed in consultation with the client and the directors.
  • Coordinates the engineering team, assigning short and long term goals for successful completion of the project’s plans.
  • Ensures safety of the worksite during the course of development.
  • Reviews safety standards for the finished product.
  • Makes sure all projects and undertakings stay on budget and within the projected time schedule.
  • Manages the engineering team and oversees training of new employees.
  • Allocates resources effectively including personnel, materials, and time.
  • Drafts reports and data analysis for review by the company’s board of executives.

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