Some Vastu Tips to Place Money Plants in Your House

The Money Plant is considered to be one of the most popular plants in India. It is the most convenient décor piece for your house.

With a lot of ornamental values, money plants also come with a lot of health benefits. As per the Vastu, the money plant is believed to bring a lot of prosperity and happiness to your lives and your homes. Money plants are also known to attract luck, wealth, and positivity for which a lot of homeowners prefer putting them in their homes.

With all the benefits that money plants have it is very important to understand the right placement of the plants as per Vastu.

So, to make things easier for you, here are some Vastu tips that will help you have an idea of where to place the money plant in your homes.


Placement as per Vastu

The first and most important thing is to know the direction in which the plant needs to be placed. Placing the plant in the eastern, northern, or northeastern direction should be avoided as it might cause conflicts in the family or workplace, can result in loss of money and may create health issues. These directions are ruled by Jupiter and Venus which are not compatible with each other.

Living Room

In order to bring luck and prosperity, the money plant should be placed in the southeastern direction in the living room. It is believed that this direction is ruled by Venus and Lord Ganesha and attracts wealth and luck. Only when the placement of the money plant is proper, you can see changes in your life for the good and a lot of positive vibes come your way.


The bedroom Vastu of the money plant suggests it to be placed on the right side of the bed. Avoid placing the plant on the footrest or the headrest. Placing a money plant in the bedroom reduces fights in a relationship and improves your sleep circle.

Directions to Avoid

East and West directions are to be avoided as it could lead to financial issues and fights between couples.


Money plants are capable of surviving in humid conditions and are low maintenance, keeping a plant in the bathroom will not be a bad option. Add on will be a bathroom that receives direct or indirect sunlight.

Close to Gadgets

It is believed that money plants absorb all the harmful radiation. Placing them in front of electronic gadgets can nullify all the effects of radiation.

House Corners

According to Vaastu, sharp corners in the house lead to a lot of anxiety and negativity. Hence, keeping money plants at the corners will reduce tension or any kind of stress in the house.

To bring positivity to your 2BHK and 3BHK homes, and to lead a happy and healthy life, money plants are your best choice.